Aquarium Plants

Aquarium plants provide a lot of benefit to an aquarium. It provide oxygen, hiding places for fish, and adds aesthetic value to the aquarium. Not all aquatic plants are suitable for aquariums, but there is an abundance of suitable plants for aquariums as well.

To maintain a live aquarium plant, you need to provide it with the proper lighting, nutrients, and water conditions. While more attention is required compared to artificial plants, many aquarists feel that it is worth the effort of keeping live plants in their fish tank.

Aquarium Plant Types

There are many different types of aquarium plants which includes aquarium moss and foreground plant, mid-ground plant, background plant, floating plant, and more. Some common aquarium plants include Anubias, Bucephalandra, Cryptocoryne, Echinodorus, and Hygrophila. One of the easiest aquarium plant to grow is Java Fern.