Ludwigia Brevipes: The Ultimate Care Guide

Common Name(s)Long Beach Primrose, Long Eames
Scientific NameLudwigia brevipes
OriginNorth America
Ease of GrowingEasy
PlacementMiddle of Tank
Height15 – 30 cm (5.91 – 11.81 inch)
pH5.3 – 7
Temperature20 – 26 °C (68 – 78.8°F)
Growth RateNormal to Fast
Light RequirementBright
CO2 RequirementRecommended
Ludwigia Brevipes
Ludwigia brevipes in Wrocław University Botanical Garden. Edited. Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz, CC BY-SA 4.0

The ludwigia brevipe is a hardy plant that looks quite beautiful floating in an aquarium.  It has a reddish, yellow coloring to it and grows along the boggy areas of the southeastern American coast.  It grows generally pretty fast with a thick stem and has thin, needle like leaves.  Coming from the Onagraceae family, there are a few variations of the ludwigia that are all very similar.  They work so aesthetically well in the fore or middle ground of a tank and should be placed with darker and greener plants to bring out the color.  The ludwigia brevipe gives fish a nice hiding place as well as their leaves are long and slender with the red in the leaves brightening up the entire plant.  The ludwigia brevipe can be very fragile, so be sure to follow this guide for caring for it.  The ludwigia brevipes also have a bit of a bushy look to them due to the many side shoots that appear.

Ludwigia Brevipes Care

The Ludwigia brevipe is easy to grow in an aquarium, as long as you are keeping an eye on the parameters of the aquarium.  Things like lighting, water temperature, and pH levels can have a significant effect on the ludwigia brevipes’ health.  It should be mentioned that before you buy anything, it is highly recommended that you plan out your aquarium before you get started.  Doing this will save you time, money, and energy, as you will have a clearer understanding of how to properly introduce your ludwigia brevipe into your aquarium, but also how to care for it. 

Lighting Requirement

In order for the ludwigia brevipes to grow properly, the lighting in the tank needs to be medium to high levels, however, medium is preferable.  This is one of the most important factors of the plant’s success.  Assuming that you are using proper light levels, the ludwigia brevipes will grow fully immersed in the water.  If there is not enough light hitting the plant, then the plant shoots will start to develop problems.  Something that is around .5 watts per liter of water or above should be enough for the ludwigia brevipes. 

Ludwigia Brevipes Temperature

The ludwigia brevipes require a warm water temperature between 68 – 78.8°F (20 – 26 °C).  Anything lower than this will cause the ludwigia brevipes to start to decay and eventually die.  Since they are native to North America, it needs to have its water around the same temperature as its natural habitat.

Ludwigia Brevipes pH

Keep the pH levels balanced between 5.3-7.  This is the best way to make sure that the ludwigia brevipe will be able to survive in the water.  Make sure to monitor this carefully as it has a very big effect on the plant.

Ludwigia Brevipes Growth Rate

The growth rate for the ludwigia brevipes is at a normal to fairly fast rate.  But the growth also depends on how well you take care of the plant and water levels.  These ludwigia brevipes will grow submerged in the water.  Bear in mind that there might be a little issue when first purchasing these plants.  Some have been delivered a bit withered, but once they are planted into the tank, the ludwigia brevipe will thrive once again, but don’t take too long in placing them. 

The ludwigia brevipes can grow anywhere between five and twelve inches in the tank.  Keep this in mind when you are planning your tank.  You will need to have a larger tank to be able to fit these gorgeous plants.

Co2 Requirement

Micro and macro nutrients are also beneficial to the ludwigia brevipes.  Furthermore, while many say that it is not necessary to add CO2 to the tank, it holds great benefits to the plants’ growth.  Therefore, it would be best to inject CO2 into the tank.


The ludwigia brevipes is propagated by cutting.  It is a relatively simple process since all you have to do is snip off one of the lateral shoots with some scissors.  Remove the bottom two pairs of leaves and carefully place the stem into the substrate.  Be careful not to crush the stem and in a few short weeks, the cutting should have grown a decent root system.

Ludwigia Brevipes for Sale

If you are looking to buy some ludwigia brevipes for your aquarium, then there are a few options from where you can buy them from.  There are online stores like Aquasabi and Etsy that sell the ludwigia brevipes at a decent price.  Most ludwigia brevipes are generally under $15 and can be bought in bulk from most places.  Be sure to do some due diligence before you purchase anything to make sure you are getting good quality plants, which mean reading reviews and calling the store to ask relevant questions.

Ludwigia Brevipes vs Ludwigia Arcuata

There is also another type of ludwigia that is often mistaken for the brevipes, which is called the ludwigia arcuate.  Both of these come from the same genus and can often be grown together.  They can also produce hybrid offspring, which makes them so difficult to identify one from the other. There are not a lot of differences between the two, but the arcuata is a bit sturdier than the ludwigia brevipes.  Both of the plants have similar colorization as well, however, the arcuata tends to be slightly more popular amongst aquarists.