Where to Place Your Aquarium

The placement of an aquarium is very important to the success of one’s fishkeeping experience. We are not talking about Feng shui here, but basic positioning and location of an aquarium setup can make the difference between a neglected eyesore and an enjoyable hobby.

Since it is difficult to move an aquarium after its initial set up, it is important to choose the location of the aquarium carefully beforehand. Identifying a suitable location prior to installation is critical for any aquarium of substantial size. Here are four basic things to consider.

Secure Foundation

The aquarium must be placed on a secure foundation that can hold the weight of the entire aquarium setup. Needless to say, exceptional attention must be paid to larger aquarium setups. Since 1 gallon of water weighs approximately 10 pounds, a 30 gallon tank can easily weigh over 300 pounds after factoring in the weight of the aquarium and aquarium stand. If there are any doubts about the security of the floor, it should be verified beforehand. Any rotten or unstable flooring should be fixed or avoided altogether. In addition, any slope should be fixed with a shim or other proper adjustments. When an aquarium is not placed on a level foundation, it will not be able to hold water to its full capacity and it may become more prone to cracking and leaking due to unequal pressure distribution. In addition, when the stress of the weight is concentrated on one edge of an aquarium, it will shorten the lifespan of the structure.

Adequate Space

An aquarium must have enough space for viewing, proper function, and maintenance. Allowing adequate area for viewing is important for enjoyment, as well as keeping your interest and motivating yourself to provide the proper care for the living creatures. Other things to consider are space for cords, aquarium filters, and lighting. Oftentimes, there are many accessories and equipments that will hang out or protrude from the aquarium. Lastly, you must consider proper space for maintenance. Maintenance will include to feeding, cleaning, clipping plants, changing filters, and changing lights. It is also notable that these areas tend to get wet from time to time. Depending on the equipment used, waterproof wall and hardwood flooring may be suitable.

Ensure Safety

One of the most important things to consider when deciding where to place your aquarium is safety. There are many places that may be dangerous for the life in the aquarium as well as for the life around the aquarium. Here are some of the places to be avoided:

  • Behind doors
  • Direct sunlight
  • Areas accessible to pets and infants
  • Near kitchens
  • Near chemicals
  • Near radiators, air conditioners, vents, or any area where temperature can change rapidly.

Convenient Location

An aquarium should be placed in a convenient place for both viewing and maintenance. Keep in mind, you are feeding the fish daily and doing weekly water changes as a part of regular maintenance of the aquarium. Placing an aquarium in a convenient location will increase the success rate of the aquarium and make your hobby more enjoyable. So what is a convenient place to set up an aquarium? First of all, the site should be spacious with adequate storage space nearby. Being able to keep your equipment and supply near the aquarium is quite important for many aquarists. Next, you must consider a water source. Since water changes are a regular part of aquarium maintenance, it is better if the aquarium is near a clean water source, as well as a drain. If the water is going to be transported with a bucket, make sure there is a clear pathway to safely do so. For larger aquariums, you may want to have the option of connecting a hose directly to a faucet or drain. Make sure the aquarium is close enough to a faucet or drain to make this possible. Last but not least, a convenient location for your viewing pleasure must be considered. If it is a personal aquarium, you may want to set up the aquarium in viewing distance from your desk. Aquariums set up in a community space such as a family room can be attractive as well. A well maintained aquarium can bring life to a space and become a soothing centerpiece of an entire room.